Mixed Pastry Sugar Free Tray

Items are subject to change (Burma cashews may be swapped with Ossmaleye cashews)

Full Mixed Pastry Tray Includes: 7 Burma Cashews, 7 burma pistachios, 6 Ballourie, 8 Mini Roses, 3 Bassma Cashews, 3 Bassma Pistachios, 4 Baklawa Pistachios, 4 Baklawa Walnuts, 3 Bird Nest Pistachios, 3 Bird Nest Cashews, 16 Fingers

Half Mixed Pastry Tray Includes:3 burma pistachios, 2 Burma Cashews, 2 ballourie, 5 Mini Roses, 2 Baklawa Walnuts, 1 Baklawa Pistachios, 1 Bird Nest Pistachios, 1 Bird Nest Cashews, 2 Bassma, 10 Fingers
Sugar Free Full Mixed Tray
Sugar Free Full Mixed Tray
Approximate shipping weight:6.00
Price: $33.95
Sugar Free Half Mixed Tray
Sugar Free Half Mixed Tray
Approximate shipping weight:3.00
Price: $18.00